Marrakesh Express Travel is a specialist tour operator that has over the years been active in every region of Morocco and in the process has gained unparalleled practical knowledge of travel, culture and everyday life.
From the sparkling turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and the snowy peaks of the High Atlas, to the very edge of the great Sahara Desert, Marrakesh Express Travel works with an extensive range of exclusive hotels.

Our hands-on involvement in every area of the Moroccan tourist industry allows us to recommend the very best of service, comfort and cuisine from our hand-picked hotels. We can advise you on which area and hotels are tailor-made to meet your interests and requirements.

The CEO of Marrakesh Express Travel, Mr. Mo Khnichich, has personal experience of the tourist industry spanning Europe, Africa and North and South America and his specialist knowledge of ethnic customs, history, sport and outdoor activities, and of the music, traditional and modern, in these regions.

For several years the company has played a leading role in helping promote the country, arranging and escorting trips for international journalists and broadcasters.